about us

about her
about physical things : B, idung pecek, 163/51
about astrology : virgo, shio kerbau, elemen kayu
about character : galak mostly after married, DOminan, cuek
about college : in @2003, belajar makro planning, "katanya" anak teknik
about hobbies : bikin list, ngitung duit, jadi bendahara
about favourite food : penggila salad, hobi buah sayur
about sport : renang - 20 lap = 1 km = 1 jam
about music : buta lagu baru, big fans of andien
about siblings : sulung 2 bersaudara, 1 adik perempuan
about domestic habit : keep the room TIDY
about profile risk : agresif

about him
about physical things : B, jidat lebar, 182/72
about astrology : virgo, shio babi, elemen air
about character : galak mostly before married, dominan, rewel
about college : in @2001, belajar mikro finance, calon dir.keuangan
about hobbies : makro planning
about favourite food : penggila daging dan mie, benci buah sayur
about sport : futsal - sabtu pagi 08.00-11.00
about music : hobi gitar, big fans of 3J - j.culum, j.mayer, j.mraz
about siblings : sulung 3 bersaudara, 2 adik perempuan
about domestic habit : CLEANing everything except dishes
about profile risk : moderat, cenderung konservatif 

about their babyboy

her facebook
Paramita Santoso

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his facebook
Ryan Perdana Arland

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