Thursday, July 09, 2009

i love heels..

and yes, i do love higheels.. :)
-even-though-it-hurts-sometimes-oh-beautiful-is-pain-baby- ;p

and last night i found the one for my Wdayy..
yippppiiiieee.. yeayyyyy.. hurrraaayyy.. :D

then here it is the reasons list..
- little tiny high sharp heels..
- quite formal, with tie around..
- fake diamond on it..
- lovely model..
- bronze-gold colour..
- +- 10 cm..
- 20% dsc..
and.. cino likes it, specially the heels shape, just like i do.. :)

i havent buy yet though..
need to talk to mom..
just asking second opinion..

well, hope will buy it soon..
next week or after i get paid..
just remember, the discount will end up at the end of this month.. :D

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