Tuesday, December 29, 2009

demam rindu.. :|

when i was a little girl..
for about eight, nine, ten years old..
i always, always, always had a fever..
when my father went abroad..
for couple of days leaving home..

all of a sudden..
this is exactly what i feel..
hidung tersumbat..
bibir pecahpecah..
tenggorokan gatal..
susah buang air b***r..
kepala kunang-kunang..
and now, i got a baaadd sniffle.. :(
*it was happened twice since i married him..

oh God, time goes by..
and i never lose the syndrom..
its just the object who changed..
my "spoil-little-daughter" syndrom..
become "ai-miss-yu-cino-very-bery-much" syndrom..
and all i needed now is just.. a hug..
a really B-I-G h-u-g..

* and i'm wearing his favourite purple stripe shirt rite now.. :p


  1. itaa itaaa itaaa...


    kan pergi jauhnya buat ita hihihihi..

  2. hakhakhakhakhakkkk..
    danke mirrrrr.. :D

    pdhl mah asa ga msti gitu2 bgt jg siiyy..
    ah sindrom gadis kecil.. :p

  3. hehe, cuma ke jawa timur si nggun..
    sbulan.. :p

    tp skr uda balik lagiiiii :D


bisikbisik tetangga.. :D

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