Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pick one.. :D

sjak nikah..
i have more daily routine things to do.. :p
ironing cino's shirt and make a cup of sweet-icy-cold-milk.. :)
*mm, not for everyday sii.. since i'm not a really morning person, heu.. :p

and there is another thing..
sblm tidur, cino pasti milih baju buat bsok.. *yes, he does.. :p
well, this one is my favourite..
that is : pick-the-tie :)
"klo ini cem?"
"mm, ga.."
"mm, mayan.. yg lain?" 
"ini, ini??" 
"this one?"
"mm, bagus sii.. tapi bagusan yg tadi.."
"ini kaya homo ya cem?"
"ahkahkahkahkakakkk.. iyah, jgn!"
"ihh, ngga bgt!"
"bagus! udah itu aja!"
"hee?! jlek.."
"udah ih yg td ajaa.."
"last answer, yg ini, ini, ato ini.. dah."

bsok paginya,
he always grab the tie i picked before.. :D
"iiihhhh, gantengggg.." *cups.. :)

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