Wednesday, March 03, 2010

warnawarni.. :D

i've just finished reading this awesome blog..!! :D
and just realized that me,
really really love everything in warnawarni too..
*oh yess, just like my utju loves the rainbow sou much..  ya pan tju?! :p
so let me show you the proof.. :D

1. my wedding souvenir was made in 6 different color..
pink, blue, orange, baby blue, green, and purple.. :D
this one was my sis idea, but i love love love it souu much!
*i keep those six in my photo album box.. :p

2. the background in my prewed photo is souu colorfull..
i asked ajie to used a different color for each frame.. 
..and he did it well!! :D

3. my bestfriends's dress at my wedding was colorfull too..
i gave each person with each different color.. :p
pink/yellow for poet, lime for depiw, baby blue for ain, purple for vientje, 
aqua for ariy, baby brown for arq, and light pink for echiew.. 
me likey souuu much much much!! :D

4. i collect almost every color of blank and polo shirt..
and yesss, cino does too.. *but limited with non-feminine color.. :p

5. i have over hundred little origami stars,
which was made by colorfull paper..
i collect them in a glass, and put it beside my bed.. so cute! :D
yes, i do love everything in warnawarni.. :D


  1. hihihi sama taaaaaaaaaa
    i adore katie sokoler!! and her cat!!

  2. iyaaaaaa.. bajusss yahhh??
    mm, klo kucingnya si ngga..
    tp aku tau ko kalo kmu iya.. :p


bisikbisik tetangga.. :D

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