Sunday, May 09, 2010

double celebration.. :)

exactly a year ago..
i started to wear "the gold plain ring"
with cino's name inside..
and call him "my fiancee"..
and vice versa for him.. aww!! :D
*we don't have any special celebration, 
but we have our dirty little late nite chat.. :D

today is my sister bday..
happy 23rd wonderful bday sist..
*sorry for stole one of ur special day last year.. :p
wish u nothing but the very bery best..
hope u'll get wonderful years ahead.. amin!
cups cups cupicapicups!! :)
*she picked the gift by herself @smanggi..
no more surprise, but everyone was sou happy.. :) 
and those are the reason why i will always love "may".. :)

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bisikbisik tetangga.. :D

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