Thursday, August 12, 2010

jen - laura.. :D

i was watching star world last nite..
its american next top model season 13..
there's only 4 candidates left..
laura, jen, erin, nicole..
*i vote for britanny in the beginning, but since she get kicked out..
i vote jen, the sexy oriental girl.. :p
and utju vote for laura, the innocent sweet girl.. :D

last nite, the winner of the challenge was laura..
she win greatest prize ever!
she's got holiday for 5 days with one of her friend..
stay in @four seasons hotel - hawaiii.. awww!!!
and she choosed jen for enjoying the holiday.. :)
they were bestfriend! :D

somehow, i feel like it was me and her..
utju got the holiday prizes, and she picked me!
silly, i know.. :p
and i dreamed bout her last nite..
forget what the story tell..
but there's also mami gangga too, hihi..
ahh i miss her aayyylottttttt!!

owya, next week is the final judge..
there's only laura and nicole left..
don't ask.. i'll vote laura then.. :D
go utju, go utju go!! go utju, go utju go!! :)) 
ahh, i know somewhere u feel the same way too..
yiuk, anata yiukkkkk.. :D
imissu.imissu.imissu.imissu.imissu :*

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