Saturday, September 15, 2012

17 (+10) yo girl, me!! :D

as title above, 
i consider myself  as a 17 yo girl with 10 years experience.. :D
sou, happy bday mee!!
*17 taon ko buntiang?!
*ditendang cimin :))
beklah, happy 27th bday sexiest mommy to be.. :))


flashback staon lalu, baca lagi post yg ini..
aku mbrebes mili.. :')
binun sujud makasinya musti kek mano.. :p
just can't thank You enough, 
finally You answer "boleh" to my last pray.. :)
pkonya trimikisi Tuhan yaa, 
ga cuma cimin, tapi smuanyah smua mua SEMUA.. :D
alhamdulillah, amin.. :)

ps : cino if u read this, u better surprise me anything best romance, heheu..
i hate you, but you know i love you most.. :* 

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