Thursday, November 19, 2009

nyasar.. :D

senang. senang. senang.
td tiba2 iseng gugling2 vendor..
iyess, our wedding vendor..
dan lalu tiba2 bisa smpe sini..

ada akyuuuuu..
dan si cinoooooo..

10 ita + 10 ryan..
berpose indah dalam 5 kayu persegi..
lalu dipajang cantik dalam graha sanusi :)

and in his blog..
we were mentioned as his first prewed project :)
"never done this before" cnah.. :p

ahhh, cintacintacintaaa..
jd ingat smuanya.. :p
1. how at first it was just a simple conversation..
and it became some discuss by using yahu mesenjer.. :p

2. how he really don't want to make a "sjuta umat" prewed..
and promised me about the unusual one.. :D 

3. how i want this project could describe "us"..
then he ask me to find the keywords of our relationship.. :)

4. how finally i found the keywords..
then he make some concepts with those words.. :)

5. how we only used some simple wardrobe..
and only take it in my own living room.. :)

6. how it so hard to make cino looks natural..
but so easy to ask him make a "galak" looks.. :p

7. how i try to find the title..
and accidently found it becomes a yearly serial..

8. how we finish the session in H-7..
and sou difficult to find the frames..

9. how i want it so simple, yet full pastel color..
then he gave those very nice pics..

10. and lastly, how we failed to do the plan A..
but thx God "pracasta team" make it better by doing the plan B..
owya, here is the title..
frame 1 : november 2005 - "single v.s single"
frame 2 : februari 2006 - "first met first date"
frame 3 : agustus 2007 - "in a relationship"
frame 4 : september 2008 - "fight and flatter"
frame 5 : mei 2009 - "the proposal"

more than just a good job, ji !!
thx for making "our" so "us".. :)

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